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Lianne Mellor

Greetings. I’m Lianne Mellor, born and bred in Edinburgh back in August 1991. My upbringing was anything but ordinary, considering my mother hails from Ireland and my father boasts mixed heritage. We were always on the move due to my father’s profession, which made life a bit more of an adventure.

Briefly about Me

Position: casino entrepreneur and expert, author, and gambling blogger

Gambling experience: Since 2008 (professionally since 2015)

Favourite games: Préférence, Chess, Poker, Blackjack

Life philosophy: Be diverse and enjoy the Universe

Favourite book: John von Neumann, Oskar Morgenstern, Harold William Kuhn, Ariel Rubinstein. Theory of Games and Economic Behavior: 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition (Princeton Classic Editions).


From Stone Chess to Astonishing Desks: Lianne Mellor’s Way

I was quite an eager child, with interests ranging from foreign languages to piano, not forgetting a good bit of outdoor sport. My curiosity didn’t stop there, though. I developed a knack for games, especially chess, which I often played with my father. He even gifted me a splendid chess set with beautifully carved stone pieces.

Yet, my thirst for knowledge and experience never seemed to be completely sated. Due to our constant relocation, I was always meeting new friends with diverse backgrounds and interests, and each new acquaintance enriched my world. One such mate threw me a bit of a curveball one day when he invited me over for what I thought would be a simple game of chess, only to introduce me to blackjack and preference card games. I had a passing familiarity with poker at the time, but I certainly wasn’t a pro.

That was back in 2008, and it set me on an entirely new path.

After my travels across the country and overseas, I decided to return to my roots in Edinburgh. There, I successfully graduated from the School of Economics at The University of Edinburgh and landed a decent job at an international trading company. The job had me travelling and meeting new people again, which was grand, but something was missing.

I found myself more and more drawn to my newfound passion for card games. I spent countless hours watching videos, practicing online, and even found a group of mates who, while not professional gamblers, were happy to indulge in a friendly game from time to time. Around 2015, after I’d been with the trading company for a few years, I found myself stepping into the world of professional gambling. It was quite the turn of events when I discovered that my company had some dealings with casinos. Suddenly, my personal passion and my professional life began to align. I realised that this was the path I wanted to pursue.

The Turning Towards Online Gambling

As I delved deeper into the world of gambling, I started to uncover the intricacies of the UK gambling market. As an economist with some practical experience, I found the regulatory, taxation, and legal aspects of the industry fascinating. I became aware of GamStop, the self-exclusion scheme, learned about casino software providers, non-GamStop casinos for UK players abroad, and the more I uncovered, the more captivated I became.

Fast forward to today, and while I still work for the trading company, my role has significantly changed. I’m now responsible for our “casino division” and consider myself a casino expert and an author of research on online gambling in the UK. My hobby has become my profession, and on my personal website, I share my insights into the world of online casinos. I also publish my articles on various other platforms. My current interest is non-GamStop online casinos for UK players, so if you are interested in the newest insights on this topic, feel free to look at my work.

Dive Deeper into the Ocean of Online Gambling

My journey into the world of online gambling has been one of constant discovery. I’ve marvelled at how technology and traditional gaming coalesce, creating immersive experiences ranging from virtual slots to live dealer interactions. Navigating through this digital frontier, I’ve encountered myriad gaming platforms, each with its unique offerings and challenges. As I’ve delved deeper, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the intricate regulatory landscape, market trends, and economic impacts, making this journey an endlessly engaging exploration.

Overview of the Online Gambling Industry

Immersing myself in the online gambling industry has been nothing short of riveting. It’s a rapidly evolving landscape, where tradition meets technology. From the comfort of our homes or the convenience of mobile devices, we can access a myriad of games, from classic table fare to innovative slots. Advancements in tech are taking us to new heights, with live dealers and virtual reality enhancing the online experience. Economically, the sector is a powerhouse, generating impressive revenue streams. Yet, challenges abound. From stringent UK regulation to self-exclusion initiatives like GamStop and the conundrum of non-GamStop casinos for UK players abroad, there’s much to decipher. It’s this fusion of tech innovation, economic robustness and regulatory complexity that makes online gambling an endlessly intriguing industry to explore, understand and write about.

Most Preferred Casino Games by Lianne Mellor

While I appreciate the variety of games available in online casinos, I have a particular fondness for blackjack and poker. The strategic intricacies of these games fascinate me. They require not just luck, but a keen understanding of probabilities and human behaviour. Practicing these games has not only sharpened my skills but also deepened my appreciation for the artistry in their design and execution.

Analysis of the Impact of UKGC Regulations

The regulations put in place by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have significantly shaped the online gambling landscape. From setting standards for fair play to implementing robust measures for problem gambling, the UKGC has enforced an environment of accountability and consumer protection. While these regulations have posed challenges for casinos, they’ve also driven innovation, as providers strive to balance compliance with a compelling gaming experience. This regulatory environment has created a safer, more reliable online gambling industry.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the GamStop Self-Exclusion Scheme

GamStop is an essential initiative for player protection in the UK online gambling scene. As a self-exclusion scheme, it enables players to limit their gambling activities, a crucial measure in promoting responsible gambling. However, its effectiveness is not absolute, with some players seeking alternatives in non-GamStop casinos. Despite this, GamStop represents an important step towards ensuring that online gambling remains a source of entertainment rather than a problem, and it’s an area that I continue to monitor and analyse closely.

Questions Answered: An Interactive Section with Lianne Mellor

For me, the most important in casino gaming is the cooperation and interaction between people. It is about sharing common interests, passion, life philosophy and way of thinking. So as a casino expert and author, I believe that communication is pivotal. It is essential to stay in contact, so here is our cosy Interactive Section :-*

Lianne Mellor’s Favourite Casino Games and Reasons

I’ve always had an affinity for games that blend strategy and chance, and my favourite casino games reflect this preference. Blackjack and poker top my list for their strategic complexity and the human element. In blackjack, every decision can tip the balance between winning and losing, making it a thrilling challenge. Poker, meanwhile, is a fascinating blend of mathematics, psychology, and bravado. It’s a game that demands not only an understanding of the odds but also keen insights into your opponents’ behaviour. These games captivate me, they’re not just about luck; they involve skill, strategy, and a dash of daring, making every round an exciting venture.

Understanding the Recent UKGC Laws: Lianne Mellor’s Perspective

Navigating the recent laws enforced by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been a fascinating journey. The UKGC has reinforced its commitment to fair play and player protection, which I fully support. Its regulatory measures have compelled online casinos to prioritise player safety and responsible gaming, creating an accountable industry. These laws have challenged casinos to balance enticing gameplay with a safer gambling environment, sparking innovation and progress within the industry. From my perspective, these regulations have strengthened the integrity of the UK online gambling scene, enhancing player trust and overall industry standards.

Is the GamStop Self-Exclusion Scheme Effective? An Expert’s View

The GamStop self-exclusion scheme has made significant strides in supporting players in the UK who wish to limit their online gambling activities. It’s a positive step towards promoting responsible gambling. However, its effectiveness is not without question. Some players have sought alternatives in non-GamStop casinos, revealing potential limitations in the scheme’s reach. Yet, despite these gaps, I view GamStop as an essential player protection tool in the online gambling industry. It embodies the industry’s commitment to player welfare and represents a critical piece in the broader puzzle of responsible gambling.

Top Advice for Novice Casino Players from Lianne Mellor

Embarking on your online gambling journey can be exciting but also daunting. My advice? Start by understanding the games. Each game has its rules and strategies, so take the time to learn them. Play for free before you wager real money. It’s also important to set a budget and stick to it, keeping in mind that gambling should be a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Lastly, remember that the house always has an edge. It’s essential to play responsibly, know when to quit, and above all, have fun!

Playing for Money vs Playing for Thrill: A Personal Insight from Lianne Mellor

Gambling offers different thrills for different people. For some, it’s the allure of potential winnings; for others, like me, it’s the thrill of the game itself. The excitement of strategising, outwitting opponents, and taking calculated risks ignites my passion. While winning money can be a delightful bonus, my primary focus is the enjoyment and challenge the games present. My philosophy is that online gambling should be an enjoyable pastime, not a means to an end. When you play for the thrill rather than just the potential earnings, you’re likely to have a more enjoyable and responsible gambling experience.

Future Changes in the Gambling Industry: Predictions and Desires

As I look towards the future of the gambling industry, I foresee a continued convergence of technology and traditional gambling practices. With the pace of technological advancements, I envisage online casinos offering even more immersive experiences, possibly harnessing virtual and augmented reality to bring the casino experience to life like never before. On a more personal note, I hope to see a heightened focus on responsible gambling. I’d like to see the industry embracing more comprehensive measures for player protection, with schemes like GamStop being refined and expanded. My desire is for the industry to strike a balance between providing thrilling experiences and ensuring the well-being of its players.


As I wrap up, it’s been quite a ride in the online gambling world, as unpredictable as a round of poker but as exciting as hitting a jackpot. It’s been a bit like navigating a labyrinth of slot machines, each twist and turn more intriguing than the last.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that in the world of online gambling, the only certainty is uncertainty. And remember, the house always wins – unless, of course, it’s been dealt a bad hand by a worldwide shortage of virtual decks (which, given my luck, is bound to happen any day now).

But jokes aside, the future of the industry looks as bright as a neon sign in Vegas. I envisage dazzling technological advancements, an emphasis on player welfare, and hopefully, fewer bad poker jokes. So here’s to an exciting future, where the virtual dice always roll in our favour. Just remember, the goal is to have fun and play responsibly. After all, we can’t all have a royal flush in our hands, but we can certainly play our cards right!